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Help & Heal, Let's Do That

Honoring Life's End

I help people have meaningful and gentle end-of-life experiences

Start the Conversation

Death and dying have important social, economic, and spiritual roles to play in our society. Our culture of not talking about it is not helping or healing us. I encourage open dialogue about all end of life matters and I educate on last wishes, legal rights, culturally nurturing and environmentally sound death practices.

Ceremonies Help and Heal

Funerals, Memorials, Tribute Services, Celebrations of Life. Living Tributes, Final Resting Places, Ashes Scattering.

Ceremony engages us to pay close attention in focused, honoring, and meaningful ways.

Officiants help people be present and fully awake and aware to the now experiences as they navigate through them.

Buried or Cremated

What do you choose? Why?

There are significant considerations in what is currently offered. And, there are options that are currently not locally available. There are goods and services we can obtain from funeral homes.  Generally, when it comes to death care, planning and preparing helps it to be more natural and gentler.

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